Want to grow your business & make new friends in the neighborhood?

Buy Local

Part of the concept for this site grew out of the desire to bring folks in the neighborhood together and foster new friendships across all our little block party jurisdictions.

We are also all about buying local and supporting our Edgewater Glen economy over here. It has been said that for every $1 spent at local businesses, 45¢ is reinvested locally. We can’t think of better way to make new friends, meet your neighbors and support our local neighborhood economy than by using our neighbors services!

FYI – If you live in Edgewater Glen and own your own business, we would be happy to feature your business in our “Local Businesses” postings so the neighbors can know about you.  Or… if you just want to be listed in the Local Businesses section we can do that as well. Feel free to drop us a line so we can beef up that section for everyone in the neighborhood.

Email: edgeglendaily@gmail.com

Buy Local Campaign Thrives in Chicago Neighborhoods

One month until City Made Fest!

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