Backyard Front Yard: Hummers in the Hood


Hummers in the Hood

“No, we are not talking about the extra large-scale SUVs, but rather, the very small-scale hummingbirds that have been frequenting our garden. So small, we sometimes think they are dragonflies, and very quick, the ruby-throated hummingbird is sometimes hard to see, let alone get a decent photo of. They will be migrating south to Mexico soon to overwinter, but should be back next May. Attract the colorful males with hummingbird feeders or attract the less-flashy females with nectar-rich flowers and maybe she will decide to spend the summer and raise a family in your backyard. After hatching young the females will only eat from flowers (not feeders) so if you really want a show, consider doing both.

The hummers in our garden really show a preference for scarlet bee balm, but other flowers that should attract them include trumpet creeper and weigela. If any neighbors have additional recommendations for flowers to attract hummingbirds, by all means let us know!”

– Tara (Hood Avenue Neighbor)

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