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  1. This is the worst year ever for tomatoes in my garden. Maybe 8 grape tomatoes, only one regular (but small) ripened but had a wormhole from the get-go. Still on the vines: 4 more grape tomatoes (2 ripening) and 3 malformed regulars (all still hard and green). Two plants didn’t bear fruit at all. Less than a handful of red, black or yellow raspberries despite 4 canes. One shrunken bell pepper and two small hot Hungarian wax peppers. I’d say insufficient sun due to the 5’ privacy fence (not our idea but we went along after neighbor agreed to reduce it from 6’), but my herbs are doing great (especially mint–want any?) and so are my Concord grapes. Hadn’t seen a single bee until last week, but they’re going for the mint, milkweed and black-eyed Susan instead.


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