Extra Extra: Edgewater Glen makes it to Wikipedia


We thought this might be of interest to a few folks in the neighborhood…

In doing some neighborhood research, we stumbled upon (what seems to be) a relatively new addition of a section devoted to Edgewater Glen on Wikipedia’s main Edgewater Neighborhood Entry (link).

If you are curious, here is how it reads at this point in time:

Edgewater Glen

“Edgewater Glen is located just north of the Andersonville neighborhood. Its namesake comes from the tree-lined Glenwood Ave. which is a residential north-south street within the heart of Edgewater. Not only are the exact boundaries are somewhat unclear but, according to one source, include Devon Ave. to the north, Broadway Ave. to the east, Hollywood/Ridge Ave. to the south, and Clark/Ashland St. to the west. The name Edgewater Glen is most often referred to a real estate neighborhood and is not recognized as one of Chicago’s official neighborhoods. A local residents and businesses organization called Edgewater Glen Association, incorporated in the 1970s and which is recognized by the Edgewater Community Council, has boundaries of Granville (north), Broadway (east), Norwood (south), and Clark/Ashland (west).”

– Wikipedia’s Edgewater Neighborhood Entry  (link)

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