Neighborhood Poll: Are you OK with Whole Foods having a wine bar?

Well folks – Today is the day…

We are half expecting this evening’s, highly anticipated, unveiling of renovation plans for our abandoned Dominick’s to be the neighborhood equivalent of One Direction making a surprise appearance at the block party on Glenlake & Glenwood.

Nevertheless, a bunch of us in the neighborhood we’re wondering if folks really have concerns about their (presumed) plans to have a liquor license and a wine bar similar to the new Mariano’s? If you would like to participate, we thought it might be interesting to take an initial pulse of the neighborhood with a little online poll here.

(We will leave this, completely unofficial and informal, poll live for a few days incase you feel like waiting until after the plans are revealed. You should be able to come back and view the results at any time)

Sure, you’re probably not going to be hanging out there on a Saturday night with all the wonderful, locally owned, bars & restaurants in Edgewater but…

Are you ok with Whole Foods having a liquor license & wine bar in it?

We’re looking forward to seeing the plans & getting a better understanding of what all the red tape is about. See you tonight!

UPDATE 9:00am: We are hearing unsubstantiated rumors around the neighborhood that a (real) vote may actually take place at the community meeting tonight. If you would like to see the plans and have your voice heard, attend in person.

UPDATE 10:00pm: Well the rumors we’re true. After a standing room only presentation this evening, Harry held a neighborhood vote for both the lifting of the moratorium to allow for the selling of package goods as well as for customers to consume on the premises. Both were unanimously approved by neighborhood residents.

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