Have you seen my kittens?

Heartwrenching story this morning folks…


This cute cat was found on Glenwood between Hood & Glenlake around 9:30pm on October 4th. She had no tags, no collar and was not micro-chipped. She was very friendly and may have been someone’s pet. The neighbor that found her could no longer keep her and was urgently seekng a foster home yesterday. Luckily she found a foster home before we could post this.

All good?

Not quite… This cat looks EXACTLY like a kitten that was spotted (but escaped) on Hood between Clark & Greenview last week. We’re worried she may have had a bunch of cute kittens that may not be able to fend for themselves.

Keep an eye out. If you hear any kittens meowing, or see any of these little guys running around try to scoop them up. We will be happy to find them a loving home in the neighborhood.

Thanks for letting us know about this cat Margie.

Fingers crossed for the little guys!

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