Are you a local musician or DJ? Edgewater Glen FM Launched!


OK, well not really FM. We’ve got a ton of incredible artists, musicians, bands & DJs calling Edgewater home. Experimenting with something new here…

If you are a local musician, we thought it might be fun to showcase your tunes right here on Edgewater Glen FM so the neighborhood can have a listen and maybe check you out live sometime. Feel free to send in your Soundcloud sets and we will feature your playlist for the hood.

Kicking it off with a few (not local) atmospheric tracks from Herr Juri & Dave Echo just so we’re not completely empty.

All genres welcome! (including local DJs)

Soundcloud links to:

Follow: Edgewater Glen FM

We’ve been noodling on setting up a neighborhood gallery space here where local visual artists can showcase & link to their work too… (if there is an interest)

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