Around the Hood: Have a Peek into your Neighborhood Firehouse


So cool. We got to take a look around upstairs our (retired) neighborhood firehouse yesterday for Open House Chicago right as they were setting up for a wedding. Apparently the back kitchen is where they kept the horses to pull the fire truck. What a sweet event space for the neighborhood.

Congrats Julie & Melissa. Hope you had a fantastic night with friends & family!


Before Chicago built the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium, the Wrigley Building, or even Wrigley Field, Chicago built a firehouse for Engine Company 70 with high ceilings, white glazed brick, and 4 stables. For 105 years, Engine Company 70 was an integral part of the neighborhood and the original fire engine, drawn by horses, is today on display at the Chicago Fire Academy.

On our block, old-timers share their fond memories; how during block parties the firemen would open up the hydrants for the kids to play, how the firemen let the neighborhood kids reach down into an icebox to grab a free soda, and how everyone felt safe with the firemen at the end of the block.


Following an intense competition to determine who would own the then-vacant building, our distinctive renovation plan led the City of Chicago to award Firehouse Chicago as the most worthy caretaker of the historic building. We’ve restored the building back to its original period beauty, featuring antique doors, lighting, and plumbing fixtures.

The result is a wonderful space for your next event. Contact us to schedule a tour.

Scource: Firehouse Chicago

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