11 days and counting! It is not a school night this year folks.


Our neighbor Kim, on Norwood, tipped us off to the crazy Halloween window display at the picture framing place on Granville & Broadway this weekend. Wow, nice work guys. That is FREAKY!

It is exciting to see a bunch of haunted houses already going up around the hood. If you or your family wants to participate in our neighborhood’s freaky house contest this year, send us a picture or two of your halloween masterpieces next week and we’ll post them here in a gallery for the kids to check out the morning of the 31st before they rake it in.

Photo submissions: edgeglendaily@gmail.com

We are thrilled the festivities are on a Friday this year so we can all keep having fun at our neighborhood Halloween porch parties.

Great to see the whole neighborhood really getting into the spirit for all *ehem* the kids this year! 🙂

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