Neighborhood Poll: Should Chicago Consider Resurrecting its Clark Street Streetcar?


We stumbled upon this proposal by a group called the Chicago Streetcar Renaissance for a Clark Street Starter Line while doing a little research to learn about what happened to our Clark Street streetcar this weekend.

What do you think — cool or crazytown? (scroll down to the bottom to vote)

“The Clark Street line would run through the four zip codes with the highest transit ridership in all of Chicago. In these neighborhoods, drivers are the minority. They’ll still be able to drive to work, but not down Clark Street: Clark is going to be optimized for commuting and shopping.

The Clark Street line connects the city’s most densely populated neighborhoods with the Near North and the Loop. It connects downtown to some of the city’s most popular attractions, including North Avenue Beach and the Lincoln Park Zoo, where quality transit service is desperately needed.

It runs through the area with the highest transit ridership, but where it’s too far to walk to the elevated train, so those riders have been relegated to buses stuck in traffic.” – Chicago Streetcar Renaissance

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Chicago Streetcar Map – 1937


 Clark & Ashland Intersection (Showing our Clark St. Streetcar by Gethsemane)


One thought

  1. Getting rid of the street cars was a drastic error. To replace electric cars with gas burning buses was short
    sided to say the least. It is a great idea.


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