Lost Kitty in the Hood (again)


It sure seems to be a rough out there in the wilds of Edgewater Glen for our feline friends this week. We’ve got another homeless kitty out there folks 😦

Our neighbors rescued this sweetheart in the neighborhood today. The cat was found in a backyard on the 1200 block of Glenlake. If you recognize it as being one of your neighbors, or if it is your pet, please see Margie’s note below (feel free to also forward to your friends and neighbors in the area who may not be on here):

“She’s black with white markings and white whiskers and I think she’s almost deaf. I’m taking her to Uptown today to see if she has a chip. If she’s lost she needs a home soon. She can’t take care of herself because of her hearing and she’s extremely sweet. She’s not feral.”

 “I took her to Uptown and she is chipped. She was adopted from Harmony House and they are searching for the owner.  She will stay at Uptown until tomorrow and Harmony House will pick her up and return her to owners or if they deem them fit, if not she will go back to the shelter.  But if someone recognizes her and says it’s their cat, she’s at Uptown Vets on Clark St. Or if someone is interested in her, they can contact Harmony House.”

– Margie (Edgewater Glen Neighbor)

Thanks for rescuing this sweetheart Margie, Tracy & Marsha. Hopefully she finds her parents or a foster family before getting sent to the Chicago pound – yikes!

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