Haunted House in the Hood!


Cindy sent us this photo & description of the incredible cast of characters from a haunted house she went to on Glenlake yesterday. So cool!

“Brilliantly conceived Haunted House in the 1400 block of Glenlake. You are invited in by a sweet black girl kitten, who hisses as she leads you into the living room where you are shocked to find disembodied heads screeching!  

Snacks of crows, rats, old blood and new blood are laid out in the dining room as you are serenaded by a ghostly woman at the piano. From there you enter the kitchen where a ghoul cooks up delicacies like the feet and hands of hapless visitors. As you are escorted outside, you encounter the Troll’s lair – be careful of her troll house cookies!

Finally you are led to the darkest and scariest place of all, where, in complete darkness punctuated by strobe lights, you are poked and prodded.  This visitor was truly scared!” – Cindy (Glenlake Avenue Neighbor)

Reminder: Edgewater Glen Halloween House Contest

We haven’t received any photos for our First Annual Edgewater Glen Halloween House Contest yet. If you, your partner and/or family wants to participate, send in a picture or two of your freaky Halloween house decorations by Wednesday. If we wind up getting any submissions we’ll put together a gallery for the neighborhood to check out and vote on Friday morning before the fun begins. Prizes TBD but we’re thinking something unbelievably amazing like an Edgewater Glen Daily tulip mug or something 🙂

Email Submissions: edgeglendaily@gmail.com

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