Fast Company Recognizes the 48th Ward for Innovative Urban Design


Incase you missed it this morning… our ward was just recognized by Fast Company for its innovative urban design projects. Very cool.

On A New Shared Street In Chicago, There Are No Sidewalks, No Lights, And Almost No Signs.

“Imagine a street with no sidewalks, no crosswalks, no curbs, no lane markings–basically no real distinctions between pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers at all. At first glance, that might seem like an extraordinarily unsafe street. But the city of Chicago is betting on its success as it redesigns a four block stretch of its uptown.”

“Chicago is about to take a gamble on a four block stretch of town where drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians are all equal. It’s not as crazy as it sounds.” – Fast Company

Head on over to Fast Company to read the full article here.

A few related videos below…

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