Whoa! Maddiebird Steps it Up a Notch in Edgewater Glen


Ok… so the crazy zombie cake Michele (from Maddiebird Bakery) made for our Halloween Porch Party this year was basically the most incredible confectionery creation we have ever seen. Hands down.

With only 871 Elsas to hand out candy to this year, there was plenty of time for folks to take a break from their candy duties (and hot toddies) on the front porch to wolf it down.

Curious about the design process?

“So I started out mixing a ball of fondant this sort of sea-foamy green color that I’ve used before on some zombie cupcake toppers I made last year. (I can’t stand sea-foam green, so calling it “zombie flesh green” makes it more palatable for me) 😉

Then, I start molding it with my hands until I start to see the face I’d like to work with. At a certain point, I think it would be particularly disgusting if one of his eyeballs/part of his skull had been blown off, and there’s a big, bloody cavity there instead. So I make that. 😉

I have some basic tools that I use to add some texture and detail, to make it look more “realistic”. I add an eyeball and rotten teeth to help me visualize the end product and give me a bit more direction. And then, as per usual, I get so carried away, I skip a couple of steps and all of a sudden, it’s covered in “blood” and sprinkles! And then, I decide last minute that I’d like his face to look like it’s falling apart, so I knock one of the teeth out and drop his chin.

Good god, I love Halloween!!” – Michele

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