Around the Hood: White Attic Closing Shop

[This just in from our Elmdale Avenue neighbors]

Noooo… say it ain’t so Elyse! Where are we going to get all our neighborhood Ben Holiday prints from?

Terry – When you are ready to set up shop again, come on up a few blocks. Devon is perking up. We would love to have you guys. 🙂


“Hello from The White Attic,

We have something to share with you…

As residents, we have lived in, shopped, used the services, and loved Andersonville for the last 15 years. So much so, that we decided to open our little shop in October of 2004.

Since we opened our doors, it has always been our intention to be a value add to the Andersonville neighborhood. We have never directly competed with another local retailer. Our agenda was always to provide another option for the residents of Andersonville, not repeat something already being done. We celebrate diversity, our neighbor’s successes (Scout, Brimfield, and Brownstone Antiques to name a few). We have always been clear that there is strength in numbers.

Even more heart warming has been the many jobs that have been created for local residents by…The White Attic.

Much has changed in 10 years. Some good, some not so. At it’s best, we have helped to strengthen Andersonville as a self-sustaining community, way before it was a trend. For those of you that understand the importance of a small local business and the impact it has on your community; we Thank You for making the conscious choice to spend your hard earned dollars with us. It has been proven that small businesses such as The White Attic not only provide a convenient way to shop; but, also have a direct impact on the property values within our community.

The internet and countless social media platforms have strengthened some and challenged others when it comes to small business store fronts. Internet only businesses have driven down costs and have made it virtually impossible for a brick and mortar store to compete with. For this reason, we have made the choice to close our doors at the end of November. As we say Good Bye, we would like to make one final request…

Continue to love the Andersonville community. And care for it. Support your small local businesses. Shop Scout, Brimfield, Brownstone Antiques, Room Service, Roost, Found Vintage Living…they are all GREAT vintage stores. Buy books from Women’s and Children’s First. Pick up all of your greeting cards and get your items framed at Four Sided. Eat the pancakes at Bongo Room. Work out at Cheetah Gym. Get that eye exam and buy your next pair of glasses at Visionary. Have a drink at Marty’s. Try the Glogg at Simon’s. A burger at Hamburger Mary’s. Sit by the fire in the library at Lady Gregory’s. Have a bite at Vincent. Take a stroll through the Swedish Heritage Museum. Consider the countless dentist offices for your next teeth cleaning. Buy your pooch a winter coat from Jameson Loves Danger.

These are all things I have done. And, will continue to do. Because I love this neighborhood.

Thank you for your kindness and mindfulness in supporting us over the last 10 years. It has been a pleasure serving you and being a part of your community. We will be here through the end of November for you to make your final purchases or to stop in and say Good Bye.

Your neighbor, ”

Terry Ledford, Owner
The White Attic

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