Edgewater Glen: A Neighborhood In Love With Its Backyards


You might get a kick out of this Chicago Tribune article about the neighborhood (from June 15 1986) if you haven’t stumbled upon it yet. Pretty timeless!

“Edgewater Glen is a fooler.

Sure, it`s a city neighborhood like a lot of others. Its tree-lined streets provide just the right amount of pastoral atmosphere for its sturdy turn-of-the-century houses. It has good schools and shops nearby. And easy access to the lake and plenty of transportation.

The facade is an attractive one. But the real Edgewater Glen lies beyond. The real Edgewater Glen is in people`s backyards.

Not backyards populated only with grass and grills, porches and pooches. Nope. These backyards have hidden treasures that put suburban lawn owners to shame. These backyards have waterfalls and walkways, courtyards and conservatories.” – Steve Kerch (June 15th 1986)

Link to Full Tribune Article: Edgewater Glen: A Neighborhood In Love With Its Backyards

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