“Official” Edgewater Glen Halloween Kid Count (2006 to 2014): Interactive Infographic

Well Folks….. the numbers are in.

We received the “official” tally from our neighbors Darryl & Patricia this morning. They have been keeping track of our neighborhood’s trick-or-treater kid counts since 2006. After this year’s Elsaween hail-blizzard-tornado thing, we thought it would be fun to cross reference their data with other historical data points (like temperature, precipitation & windspeed). We put together a little infographic of it below.

If you are curious, select the chart and it should launch the interactive infographic. You should be able to select “# of Kids”, “Temp”, “Precipitation” and “Wind Speed mph” to see the chart update. You can also hover over a particular column to see the exact numbers for each year.

Screen shot 2014-12-21 at 3.29.24 PM