Neighborhood News: Know No Limits Closing Up Shop

Well this is a bummer…

After a bumpy year with Karla moving on and the new Cheetah folks moving in, it looks like our little neighborhood gym is officially closing up shop on December 31st.

“Since 1998 Know No Limits has been bringing balance and strength to Andersonville and Edgewater’s bodies, hearts and minds.

Know No Limits opened the doors to its first gym in the mid 1990’s, looking to provide Chicago residents with a welcoming environment where they could build their strength while safely exploring what it means to feel healthy and fit. The goal has been to provide people with an inviting environment that they can call their own.

From the note posted this morning, it appears that you will be able to transfer your membership to Cheetah (with 2 free months).


KNL has been such a wonderful community meeting place over the years. We are really going to miss the great group of staff, trainers, friendly neighbors and the welcoming community spirit of the gym. Hopefully everyone is able to find new jobs without to much disruption to their lives and something decent moves into the space on that tricky stretch of Clark.

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