Sand Castles written by (our neighbor) John Green at Rhinofest

Sand Castles

Directed by Emmi Hilger

Featuring Galya Loeb, & Guy Wicke Mike Rice

RhinoFest at the Prop Thtr — BYOB
Thursdays at 8pm January 22 – February 19

Well Folks… it looks like we’ve got an award winning playwright based in the neighborhood!

Our neighbor, John Green, wanted to let everyone know that his play Sand Castles is premiering at Rhinofest this week. If you want to check it out you can get tickets here.

“In John Green’s Sand Castles, comic characters try desperately to make sense of their fleeting lives. The set of three short plays makes up a tender tale about letting go, telling the truth, and believing in tomorrow. The Reunion features middle-aged fraternity brothers in a battle to convince each other their lives are a success. In The Heart Mind Dialogues, Mind does its best to calm Heart in the face of impermanence. In The Girl with the Red Umbrella, two men, caught in the rain, do their best to assure a young newlywed that her troubled marriage can work.”

“Each year, Curious Theatre Branch curates and produces the Rhinoceros Theater Festival, which provides production and exhibition opportunities to hundreds of artists, drawing thousands in attendance each year. The longest-running multi-arts fringe festival in Chicago, the Rhino features works in theater and performance from Chicago companies and national artists alike.

First organized over 25 years ago in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, the Rhino is unique among national fringe festivals in that artists are never charged a fee to participate, and each year our programs are individually curated rather than selected on a lottery basis.” – About Chicago’s Longest Running Fringe Festival

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