Community Meeting to Review Plans for Devon Redevelopment

1240 W Devon

In case you missed the announcement today…

I invite you to attend a community meeting I’m hosting to review plans for the construction of a new three-story, mixed use residential apartment building at 1240-44 W. Devon. The meeting will take place next Tuesday, January 27th, 7:00 p.m., at the Heartland Health Center, 1300 W. Devon, in the conference room.

The planned development complies with the existing B3-2 zoning on the site and requires no zoning relief from the City. The development team, Three Corners Development, agreed to meet with the community to share their plans and to consider any reasonable suggestions put forth by the community residents.Alderman Moore

For more information about the new building that will consist of 7,000 square feet of storefront commercial space on the old Weinstein Funeral Home’s parking lot and to see detailed site plans of the development head on over to the 49th’s Ward announcement here.

Hopefully with enough community engagement we can all help guide Devon’s revival to be an even more vibrant place for the community.

(Note: This is an in person community meeting if you want to have your voice heard)

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