The Edgewater Historical Society could win a national award (with your help)

It looks like The Edgewater Historical Society has a chance at winning an award from The American Association for State and Local History (with our help!).

We received this note from them this morning. If you value the work they do for our neighborhood and want to help out, take the quick online survey here.

“The American Association for State and Local History honors primarily volunteer operated historical organizations that display qualities of scholarship and imagination in their work.  We think our present exhibit “Motoring Through Edgewater” is worthy of an award and we need your help.

 If you have visited the museum and enjoyed our current exhibit, “Motoring Through Edgewater”  would you please take a few minutes to fill out this survey which will take less than five minutes.  It will go a long way towards helping us have the hard work of the many people connected with the Edgewater Historical Society and Museum recognized for their contribution in sharing the history of Edgewater.

Click here for survey

And thank you for your support.”

The Edgewater Historical Society

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