Neighborhood Groupon Videos

In addition to being the first neighborhood in the country with a curated Groupon page: “Edgewater’s Best Things to Eat, See & Do”, it looks like Groupon is cranking out a few promotional videos in the ‘hood as well. If you know of any others let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

Edgewater Workbench

Edgewater Workbench Video
Edgewater Workbench Website
Edgewater Workbench Facebook Page

Uncommon Ground

Uncommon Ground Video
Uncommon Ground Website
Uncommon Ground Facebook Page

Revival Social Club

Revival Social Club Groupon Video
Revival Social Club Website
Revival Social Club Facebook Page

Blue Buddha Boutique

Blue Buddha Boutique Groupon Video
Blue Buddha Boutique Website
Blue Buddha Boutique Facebook Page

Ethiopian Diamond

Ethiopian Diamond Groupon Video
Ethiopian Diamond Website
Ethiopian Diamond Facebook

Cheetah Gym

Cheetah Gym Groupon Video
Cheetah Gym Website
Cheetah Gym Facebook Page