Edgewater Glen Spring Plant Swap

Yellow Tulips

Time to breakout of hibernation mode folks… Kim’s newsletter on gardening has arrived! 🙂

Weather permitting, the date for our Edgewater Glen Plant Swap is set for May 23rd 2015, 10:00am.

Inspired by our Edgewater Glen Garden Walk, Tom Brennan organized the first Edgewater Glen Plant Swap on Sept. 21, 1991 in the park at Greenview & Elmdale. It was so enthusiastically received, that it quickly expanded into a twice-a-year event, spring & fall, and moved to Tom’s plant-filled yard.

When Tom had to leave the neighborhood in the late 90s, our neighbors Sue and Kim continued this popular event in the neighborhood.

Spring is a great time to divide the perennials you would like to share and meet your gardening neighbors. This year Kim & Sue are particularly interested in distributing any extra Common Milkweed seedlings to help our dwindling Monarch Butterfly populations.

Hope to see you there. All gardeners are welcome!

Edgewater Glen Spring Plant Swap 2015_Page_1

Edgewater Glen Spring Plant Swap 2015_Page_2

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