Our Neighbor Bases Exhibition on Edgewater Glen

Well this is awesome…  thanks for letting us know. Can’t wait to checkout the exhibition!

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“Hello neighbors!

I’m BJ Allen, and an interdisciplinary artist and MFA student at Columbia College Chicago. I would like to invite you to my upcoming solo exhibition opening reception on April 2, Thursday of the coming week. The exhibition, titled Edgewater Oriented Ontology, consists of work that began with image and sound collection within a two block radius of my home on Greenview Avenue near Senn High School. Perhaps at some point you have seen me out there, taking long-exposure shots with my camera on my tripod, or walking around with a sound recorder.

I’m a fan of traditional art as well as new media technologies, so included in the exhibit are sculptures, large photographs, as well as two installations that have video, sound, and objects. One project uses motors and 3D prints; another uses interactive video.

Digital pinhole photography plays a big part in the exhibition. In the autumn of the last two years, I’ve  taken hundreds of photos of the amazing colors in the Senn Playlot Park. From there I used the images as source material for sculpture and video. My personal favorite is a collection of laser-engraved transparent acrylic circles, where the laser patterns originate from blocks of color.

The opening would be the best time to see the art and meet me to talk about it, and please introduce yourself to me as a neighbor! But you can also catch the exhibit from 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday from April 3 – 17. I received a grant to finish this work, and I am very happy with the results and grateful for the opportunity to show this work to my community!” – BJ Allen

Exhibition Title: Edgewater Oriented Ontology

Opening Reception: April 2, 2015, 4pm – 6pm (light refreshments will be served)

Facebook Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/525495704256441/

Exhibition Dates: April 3 – 17, 9am – 5pm

Venue Website: http://students.colum.edu/deps/c33-gallery/exhibitions/spring-student-exhibitions/index.php

Location: C33 Gallery, 33 E Congress Street, Chicago IL 60605

Artist Website (in progress): http://bjallen.net/

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