Around the Hood: Ellipsis Coffeehouse Turns Two

In addition to Maddiebird Bakery & Audio Archaeology‘s first birthdays, Ellipsis Coffeehouse on Devon just had their second birthday. (Apologies on the initial misprint – corrected now. You guys are way older!) 🙂

Chris and Meghan Zimmerman opened up Ellipsis Coffeehouse on March 30th of 2013 on the corner of Lakewood and Devon.

“Chris’s vision of showing all that coffee culture has to offer seeps into every aspect of the coffeehouse. Ellipsis purchases its beans from Counter Culture. The roaster, based in Durham, North Carolina, values direct trade relationships with its coffee growers and strives to educate both the purchasers and consumers about the product they are buying as well as its producer.”

Happy birthday guys!


4 Thoughts

    1. Its funny they mentioned the Starbucks. I discovered the place walking by after visiting the Starbucks after it first opened. I stopped by the Ellipsis the next week and now I go there every weekend with my dog. Best cup of coffee in all of Edgewater, and we have some pretty good coffee places.


  1. Counter Culture Coffee has a special place in my heart–because they were the house beans at (the late) Pheasant Creek Coffeehouse in nearby Apex, NC, which was one of the first cafes at which I played down South. Murky Coffee of Arlington, VA also uses (used? they may have closed) their beans. Good stuff! Ellipsis and Metropolis are my go-tos when I need beans and don’t have time to roast my own.


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