Open City Interactive Neighborhood Zoning Map

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.25.11 PM

Curious about what type of development can happen on your stretch of Clark, Broadway or Devon? We stumbled upon this interactive zoning map by our friends over at Open City while doing some research on what type of redevelopment is possible on Clark between Ridge & Devon.

Selecting different areas of the map will display more information. You can also enter your home, building or business address to see what it is zoned for. To get a better understanding of the somewhat cryptic codes you can checkout the zoning districts and zoning rules to see what you can do with your property and how big the building can be.

On a related neighborhood urban planning note…

If anyone has any intel on potential plans for extending bike lanes north (or not) on Clark & Broadway feel free to get in touch. We’ve been having trouble finding any info on it and have heard from a number of neighbors who have been asking if there are any plans to do so. Thanks!

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