EGA Meeting with Alderman Harry Osterman (Highlights)


In case you missed the Edgewater Glen Association (EGA) meeting with Alderman Harry Osterman last night, our neighbor Patricia took great notes:

  • Alderman thanked group for continued support; He is in process of having block club meetings and would like to see even more community engagement with our block club organizations. Safety is enhanced when neighbors look out for neighbors.
  • Noted that Commander Waldera has been promoted to head of Narcotics and will be replaced by Roberto Nieves.
  • Broadway has transformed with new businesses and will continue so with the opening of Whole Foods.  Hopes other businesses will now move in.  True Nature is moving to Rogers Park and Alderman is looking for an appropriate tenant (other than a mattress store.) Suggestions appreciated.
  • Hope to get new businesses from Thorndale to Granville
  • Will be polling block clubs to see which streets are open to new street lighting to make streets more visible at night.  Many neighbors put on their porch light but it is not enough to enhance safety.  Some neighbors do not want more light so he doesn’t want to allocate funds if neighbors are against the lights.
  • Clark street is still an ‘open slate’ and he continues to try and find the right tenants.  This does mean though that new tenants create more parking needs.  He will continue to look for creative ways to relieve this issue.
  • Building on Elmdale at Clark where La Razza was is up for sale as well as the Know No Limits (KNL) building at Hood and Clark.  Committed to keeping the KNL building at current height.  Will not support any proposal that will want to change that.  Looking for ideas on the types of businesses neighbors would like to see in the space
  • Diner at Devon and Clark will be remodeled and turned into a breakfast space.  Devon from Clark to Broadway is in a spurt of development with new apartment buildings, new micro-brewery and restaurants coming in.  Hope this translates to new businesses on Clark as well.
  • New Metra station may not open for 1 1/2 to 2 years. Funding is still there. The embankment needs to be shored up but once open this will bring new businesses to the area. Will work to get an updated timeline for the construction project.
  • Schools in the area are doing great. Rickover at Senn will probably get it’s own space and Senn will continue to grow.  Because the high school is doing well this supports families staying in the neighborhood rather than moving to the suburbs.
  • Hayt and Pierce also doing very well academically and this also is good for keeping families.  Pierce and NCA are in process of finding new principles.
  • Planning to remove the asphalt at Hayt and replacing with astro turf; Senn park will also be redone.
  • Plans to begin repaving more streets in the ward and Hood and Glenlake are priorities. Some alleys will also be paved.
  • CTA Red line at Bryn Mawr will get a new station.
  • Broadway and Ridge needs a study to try and improve street crossing, traffic relief and improve looks. Also looking to put in bike lanes. Also looking to put a light at Ridge by the old firehouse so pedestrian can cross.
  • Loyola owns most land between Devon and Rosemont and are planning some sort of community sports arena. Considering bike lanes from Ridge to Foster.
  • Against allowing any more permit parking on anymore streets in Edgewater and will not sunset any that are already in place. The Alderman believes this does not support all neighbors and only makes more problems.  He lives in the neighborhood and doesn’t always have the ability to park by his house either.
  • Alderman Osterman said he does not support extending the lake front bike bath, walking path, and running path through the last four miles from Ardmore, where it now ends, to the boarder with Evanston.

2 Thoughts

  1. Great EGA meeting notes, but you left out one very important bit of news of the meeting. Alderman Osterman said he DOES not support extending the lake front bike bath, walking path, and running path through the last four miles from Ardmore, where it now ends, to the boarder with Evanston. This is profound news, given that this proposal will offer shore line and beach protection as well as expand much needed park/recreational space in Edgewater, where the need is great.

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