How Would You Like to See Clark Street Transformed? (Between Ridge & Devon)

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While Broadway & Devon are really starting to come alive, there was some discussion with Alderman Harry Osterman at the Edgewater Glen Association (EGA) meeting last night about what can be done on our section of Clark Street.

It got us to wondering… how would you like to see Clark Street between Ridge & Devon transformed? (if at all)

The results are public. After you submit your ideas you should be able to see your neighbor’s ideas if you are curious.

Direct Link to Survey:

If you are interested, we enabled the traffic volume layer from the Open City Project to The Edgewater Map. You can see the average daily traffic volumes by selecting the blue car icons anywhere on the map.

Clark Street (between Glenlake & Hood) gets 32,100 cars per day

Ridge (at Ardmore) gets 43,100 cars per day

You can also checkout this animated gif of the neighborhood sometime between 1952 & 1962 if you are curious about how this all happened.

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