Edgewater Metra Station Statement from Alderman O’Connor


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More info on the Edgewater Metra Station delay from Alderman O’Connor below…

“Dear Neighbors,

On Wednesday, April 22, I met with Metra officials and representatives of the Union Pacific Railroad to discuss the timetable for the new Metra Station at Peterson and Ravenswood. I was informed that Metra is moving forward with their plans for the new station. While the original timetable called for construction to begin in 2015, the current timetable would call for a 2016 start.

The reasons for the delay include positive additions to the scope of work including work on the railroad bridges to extend their useful life and the inclusion of parking in the first phase of the project. Originally, the planned parking was intended for a second phase of work (which would have required additional funding). Now, that parking will be included in the first phase of work and the funds for the parking have already been identified. Given the concerns about parking by neighbors of the station, we feel that this is an extremely positive development.

The plans for the station are substantially complete. Once they are finalized, we will share them on our website and with members of W.E.A.R. and N.E.W.

I am excited that the project is moving forward and know that the station will be a positive addition to our neighborhood and a great resource for our residents.


Ald. Pat O’Connor”

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