48th Ward Homeowners May Appeal Their Property Tax Assessments Tonight

We were asked to spread the friendly reminder to the neighbors…

If you are interested in meeting with staff from the Assessors Office to appeal your property tax assessment, you can meet with them for assistance filing a successful appeal this evening.

Questions? phone: 312.603.4210 or email: info@bridgetgainer.com

See note below from the Board of Commissioners Office

“Good morning all – friendly reminder, 48th Ward homeowners may appeal their property tax assessments tonight6:00 PM at Broadway Armory Park (5917 N Broadway).

To appeal your property tax assessment is to ensure your property tax bill is fair and accurate. Homeowners may attend an appeals workshop where there will be a presentation on the appeal process and on-site assistance to all homeowners to file an appeal on the same day. This workshop is sponsored by the Assessor’s Office and Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer with State Senator Heather Steans, State Representative Kelly Cassidy and 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman.”

– Cook County Board of Commissioners│Chicago, IL

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