Around the Hood: You Are Beautiful All Over the Place

After 180 neighbors pitched in to raise $7,312 for the project, it looks like we’ve got You Are Beautiful signs (by artist Matthew Hoffman & eco-Andersonville) all over the place this morning.

eco-Andersonville has teamed up with artist Matthew Hoffman for a unique public art residency for Andersonville and beyond. Matthew, the creator of the You Are Beautiful project, will be bringing several of his grand-scale messages of positivity to the neighborhood, to both brighten your day and bring life to some of the underutilized spaces in our community.  We want to show that these spaces, once activated through public art, can become invaluable community assets that provide needed breaks in the urban fabric of the neighborhood and generate positive presence and interaction along our streets.  All of this helps to further Andersonville’s evolution into one of Chicago’s most dynamic pedestrian-friendly communities, and it extends our legacy as a community that is open and inviting to all people.

After an extended residency in Andersonville, we plan to share at least one of these pieces with another community in the city.  This is, in fact, one of our highest hopes for this campaign.  We don’t want this message to stop in Andersonville.  We want to show on the largest scale possible, the crucial role that public art plays in creating vibrant and healthy communities for all.  By launching this campaign and successfully funding our efforts, we will be able to provide a road map for other communities to follow.

This Kickstarter will go toward funding four large-size You Are Beautiful installations on fences in different parts of the neighborhood.  Each of the installations will be made of large-format block letters.  Three will be white floating letters and a fourth installation will be coated in chalkboard paint for a little added community interaction.  Any additional funds that we generate on top of our goal will go toward the details of each piece and potentially other installations in the community.

So please, Andersonville, please Chicago, support our campaign so that we can remind each other that we are all beautiful people, our neighborhoods can be beautiful places and beautiful things can be found in the places we least expect.” – You Are Beautiful Kickstarter Campaign

If you are curious where they are, we added them to The Edgewater Map.


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