Around the Hood: The Raven Theatre’s Beast on the Moon (Trailer)

Our friend John over at The Raven Theatre wanted to let the neighbors know that BEAST ON THE MOON is running through June 6th. They are sold out tonight but still have tickets left for this weekend. You can check out their schedule and purchase tickets here:

“The final play of Raven’s 2014-15 season will be Richard Kalinoski’s Beast on the Moon, a touching and frequently humorous story of two refugees from the Armenian Genocide as they struggle to build a new life together in Milwaukee during the 1920’s and 1930’s.. Beast on the Moon begins previews on April 21 and opens on April 27, 2015, playing through June 6.

Beast on the Moon has been produced in 17 countries and 12 languages, enjoying a four-month New York run in 2005. In 2001, it won France’s Moliere Award for Best Play (the equivalent to the Tony Award) and has also received Argentina’s Ace Award, the Osborn Award, the Garland Award and in 2005 it received the Khorenatsi Medal which was presented by President Robert Kocharian, on behalf of the country of Armenia.  

 When it was produced as part of the Humana Festival in 1995, the Louisville Courier Journal said that the play “…took its place as one of the most beautiful, sensitive and emotionally complete dramas in the 19-year history of Actors Theatre of Louisville’s annual Humana Festival of New American Plays.” In 2005, The New Yorker called the play “Compassionate and humane” and The New York Daily News said, “The play moves from tragedy and turmoil to a profound sense of promise.” And a review in The London Times Online said of a 2007 Nottingham production, “The past finds a sort of closure, but the author’s skill has kept us on tenterhooks throughout, uncertain whether any happy outcome can be possible.”

Beast on the Moon was selected to be a part of Raven’s 2014-2015 season as it tells a story of which Raven’s Co-Artistic Director Michael Menendian, as a first generation Armenian-American, has a deep personal and cultural connection.  One of the cast members is Menendian’s daughter, Sophia Menendian, making the theatre company’s season’s theme of FAMILY BUSINESS even more personal.” – The Raven Theatre

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