Around the Hood: Our Edgewater Glen Tree Casualties (Mapped)

As you have probably noticed, we lost a bunch of trees in the neighborhood to the Emerald Ash Borer this year. Greenview seems to have been hit particularly hard.

We thought we would try to map each tree lost in the hopes of getting them replaced for the neighborhood. If you know of any others that have been cut down that we missed here, please feel free to let us know where they are and we will update the map.

You can also help out by ordering a tree replacement here (if your parkway tree was cut down):

The Edgewater Glen Tree Casualty Map

Link: The Edgewater Glen Tree Casualty Map

“The emerald ash borer (EAB) is an exotic beetle from Asia that was discovered feeding on ash (Fraxinus sp.) trees in southeastern Michigan in 2002. EAB is responsible for killing over 30 million trees in the northeastern United States and Canada. Beetle larvae feed under the bark and outer sapwood of the ash tree, producing galleries that eventually kill branches and entire trees.

In Chicago, ash makes up around 17% of the City’s street tree population or about 85,000 trees. When adding an estimated 300,000 ash trees from private property to the total, ash trees become one of the most numerous trees in the City.” – City of Chicago

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