Backyard Front Yard Contest: Worms & Ice Cream!

Edgewater Glen Worm

Do you have a budding gardener or backyard explorer in your family?

Worms & Ice Cream!

We recently noticed some very large earthworms in our garden, and it got us thinking about a fun neighborhood activity and a way to encourage kids to help with the gardening. If you or a family member find a large worm, photograph it next to a tape measure or ruler (or at the very least a quarter or dollar bill, to determine relative size) and send it to us at EGD. Whoever sends us a photo of the largest worm will receive a $10 gift certificate to local favorite, Lickity Split and a bag of gummy worms. Please include with your worm photo the first name or initials you want published, and age of the child, if applicable. Additional photos of people holding worms is a bonus! Happy gardening!

Contest Rules

  • Try not to hurt the worm, damaged worms can’t win
  • Worms are difficult to photograph, they squiggle and change sizes, so we will use our best judgment to determine the actual largest worm. We know when they are fatter they will stretch out longer.
  • Entries must be received by June 1st, winner announced by June 6th
  • The winner gets gummy worms and frozen custard
  • Enter as often as you want

Send your earthworm photos to

We will send your Lickity Split gift certificate to you when your earthworm wins! 🙂

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