Around the Hood: New Parkway Trees Have Arrived!

“Our neighborhood received a much-needed addition of lots of new parkway trees this week.

You can help to insure the longevity of these treasures by insuring correct mulching practices and monitoring for adequate water.

Mulch depths should not exceed 3″ to help valuable oxygen & rainfall to reach the root system. Spread the mulch out as wide as possible and don’t let it touch the trunk.

Initial deep watering is crucial to the survival of these plants. Place a hose at the base of the tree & water using a slow trickle. These trees could really use an hour of this treatment to insure that the water penetrates at least 2′ down. Slightly shifting the hose position every 20 minutes in a ‘triad’ formation around the base of the trunk will help to get all 360 degrees of the root ball hydrated. Then check the tree at least once a week during this first year to see if it needs water by sticking your finger in the rootline to feel if it’s dry. Continue to monitor rainfall levels in subsequent years & manually water during drought conditions.

Thanks in advance for helping our new trees and allowing  our entire neighborhood to enjoy the ambiance & environmental benefits of these leafy treasures!” – The Edgewater Glen Association (EGA)

The Edgewater Glen (Lost) Tree Map

Link: The Edgewater Glen (Lost) Tree Map

“The emerald ash borer (EAB) is an exotic beetle from Asia that was discovered feeding on ash (Fraxinus sp.) trees in southeastern Michigan in 2002. EAB is responsible for killing over 30 million trees in the northeastern United States and Canada. Beetle larvae feed under the bark and outer sapwood of the ash tree, producing galleries that eventually kill branches and entire trees.

In Chicago, ash makes up around 17% of the City’s street tree population or about 85,000 trees. When adding an estimated 300,000 ash trees from private property to the total, ash trees become one of the most numerous trees in the City.” – City of Chicago

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  1. Your mulching guidelines don’t appear to match the photos. Two examples of mulching seemed piled higher than the few inches you recommended, and one looks like the classic “volcano” no-no. Maybe label one as correct, and the other….

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