Backyard Front Yard: The Rusty Chainlink Fences of Edgewater Glen

Ever wonder when the chainlink fence salesman hit the neighborhood? We spoke with a few long time Edgewater Glen neighbors who said they were here (and rusty) in the early 1960’s when they arrived. If you are interested in replacing yours, our neighbor Jason is putting together instructions and a project cost list for transforming your rusty chainlink fence into a nice 4′ cedar fence.

In the meantime we put together our first Backyard Front Yard trailer last night using some time-lapse footage he sent in of the project he did with his neighbors earlier this spring. At 4′ high you should be able to still hang out, pass tools, toys & beers across to your neighbors. Stay tuned for the full project list if you are into backyard DIY projects.

Trailer: Backyard Front Yard (Episode I): The Fence

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