Around the Hood: Roller Derby Coming to Edgewater Glen

Very cool… The Windy City Rollers are having a game in the neighborhood at the Broadway Armory!

“Clear your schedule now, because you’ll want to be free on Saturday, June 13 when the Windy City Rollers make derby history by playing the biggest and best teams in the city—the Chicago Bruise Brothers and the Chicago Outfit—for the first time ever at the Crosstown Smackdown!

At 6 pm, Second Wind will battle it out against the Chicago Bruise Brothers in a gender-bending bout that will showcase some of the city’s finest skaters.

In the main event, at 7:30 pm, the WCR All-Stars will skate against the Chicago Outfit Syndicate—their first official match-up—to see which Chicago team truly reigns supreme. The stakes for this bout are high. Bragging rights and local legend status are on the line!

Appropriately enough, this historic event will be held in an equally historic building: the Broadway Armory (5917 N Broadway St), in Edgewater. Built nearly a century ago, the Armory is the largest of the Chicago Parks District’s indoor recreational facilities—and one of the nicest as well. WCR played there once before, in 2013, and the All-Stars and Second Wind are eager to return to skate against some of their greatest rivals.

Doors open at 5:30 pm; seating will be limited, so buy tickets ahead of time and show up early to snag a seat!” – Windy City Rollers

Tickets available here:


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