Public Recognition of the 2015 Living Treasures of Edgewater


“The Edgewater Historical Society has selected four individuals for its 2015 Living Treasures of Edgewater Award.   This award honors those individuals who have made significant contributions to the community by enhancing the quality of life of its citizens.   Edgewater Living Treasures are residents, or former residents, of the Edgewater area.  They are individuals who have made an outstanding achievement to Edgewater, people who have set an example of community action, helping neighbors to accomplish worthwhile goals.   These are people we admire for their dedication to real change, and their determination to have positive ideas turn into reality.

The 2015 Edgewater Living Treasures Award Ceremony will take place on Saturday, June 20, 9:30 a.m. at the Edgewater Branch of the Chicago Public Library, 6000 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660.

We will be honoring Paul Boyd, Elston Elston, Tom Murphy and Mary Ann Collins.  Each of these individuals has made a difference in the Edgewater community.   Please join us at this special event to learn how these people have made a difference in Edgewater and help honor them for their contribution to making Edgewater a special place.” – Edgewater Historical Society

Previous 2014 Living Treasures

Tracy van Duinen


Diane Aitken


Marge Britton

Arloa Sutter

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