Around the Hood: Community Meeting on the Glenwood Avenue Neighborhood Greenway

Glenwood Avenue Greenway

If you are interested in the details for the Glenwood Avenue Neighborhood Greenway, our neighbor sent this in from the community meeting with Harry Osterman last night.

Project Limits

 Glenwood Avenue: Carmen Ave. to Ridge Ave. (0.75 miles)
 Carmen Avenue: Glenwood Ave. to Broadway (0.25 miles)

Project Status

Design Phase

Project Description

CDOT, in partnership with Alderman Osterman, is proposing to install a neighborhood greenway on Glenwood Ave. between Carmen Ave. and Ridge Ave. This project will also provide a connection on Carmen Ave. between Glenwood Ave. and the existing buffered bike lanes on Broadway. Neighborhood greenways make a street more comfortable and enjoyable to walk and bike on by reducing motor vehicle speeds and cut-through traffic. This project is currently in the design phase and construction is anticipated in late 2015.

Project Data

 4-7% of residents along the corridor currently bike to work, three to five times higher than the city average
• 152 reported crashes along the corridor, with people walking and biking involved in 50% of crashes resulting in an injury
• Up to 40 bicyclists riding on the corridor during peak hours, with over 50% of people riding southbound

Project Highlights

• A new contra-flow bike lane making it legal and predictable for people riding their bikes southbound on Glenwood Ave. to schools, parks, and other destinations, while maintaining northbound only traffic for motorists
• Green colored pavement markings to alert motorists of the presence of bicyclists riding southbound on Glenwood Ave.
• Bike friendly speed humps at various locations
• High-visibility crosswalks at all other intersections
• Narrower northbound travel lane for motorists will calm motor vehicle speeds


The project is estimated to cost no more than $75,000.

Linze Rice’s Piece Covering the Meeting (DNAInfo Chicago)

Streetsblog Chicago Article Covering the Meeting

Legalize It! Glenwood Route Will Make Contra-Flow Biking Safe & Predictable

On a related note…

If you are interested in hearing your neighbors ideas for Clark Street we’ve included a link to the survey results below:

Neighborhood Survey Results: Reimagining Clark Street (Between Ridge & Devon)

Curious what other cities are doing?

Here is a picture we took in Seattle this week.

Seattle Bike Lane

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