Neighborhood History: Andersonville Parade Video (circa 1968)

Andersonville Parade 1968

Check out this video footage of the 1968 Andersonville Parade.

We found a mention of the Andersonville Parade in the Sunday Chicago Tribune from October 5th, 1969:

“Wiggo Sterlov leads Andersonville community parade of clowns, marching bands and colorfully costumed marchers. Children and adults jammed sidewalks in annual north side event.

The sword-carrying Viking stepped off to the sound of band music yesterday as the Scandinavian community of Andersonville on the north side held its annual parade, one of the community’s biggest events of the year. Theme of the parade was “Leif Anderson Discovers America.”

More than 3,000 persons turned out for the parade on a warm fall day to watch as a variety of local organizations, including the Nisel Ambassadors, Medinah Temple Clowns, Scandinavian athletic clubs and choral groups marched along Clark street from Ainslie street to the reviewing stand at Berwyn avenue and Clark street.

Scandinavian costumes and Viking garb provided color for the parade as visitors to the community stood on the sidewalks and their children sat on the curbs to watch the procession pass by.

A group of ladies from the Andersonville Flag and Cleanup committee, dressed in the costumes of their homeland, rang a bell as they marched, a custom as old as the community itself which was initiated as a signal for the residents of the area to come out and clean up their sidewalks and property.” – Chicago Tribune, October 5th 1969

If you would like to help with our Edgewater Glen Storefront History Research Project this summer, please contact LeRoy Blommaert at the Edgewater Historical Society so he can give you an “assignment”. We (over here at EGD) are going to be focusing our efforts on Edgewater Glen initially but we are sure he can find you an assignment in another area of Edgewater if that is of interest to you.

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