Backyard Front Yard: The First Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar Sighting in Edgewater Glen!


Well this is pretty exciting! It looks like everyone’s efforts to plant milkweed seedlings in the neighborhood are starting to pay off. We’ve got our first (official) Monarch Caterpillar sighting in Edgewater Glen. Thanks for sending this in Kim!

“Increasing the space in our yard devoted to milkweeds has definitely paid off, along with not using any pesticides\weed killers that butterflies are particularly sensitive to.

This monarch caterpillar is somewhere within it’s 2 week larvae stage before it will attach itself to a stem or leaf with silk & transform into a chrysalis for about 10 days before it emerges as a butterfly.

I’ll be on the look out for chrysalis’ now too!

At our Edgewater Glen Plant Swap in May we handed out lots of milkweed seeds-so I’m hopeful that our neighborhood is increasing the habitat necessary for this beautiful creature that the US Forest Service just categorized as ‘vulnerable to extinction’.” – Kim (Edgewater Glen Neighbor)

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