Extra Extra: Decision to Lift the Moratorium on Devon Avenue for a Brew Pub

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.48.47 PM

In case you missed Alderman Moore’s statement on the lifting the moratorium this afternoon we’ve included a portion of it below.

“I am writing about the proposal to lift the liquor license moratorium on Devon Avenue to allow for a brew pub at 1221-27 W. Devon (at Magnolia).

Forty-eighth Ward Alderman Harry Osterman is considering a zoning change that would allow the owner of the property, Scott Whelan, to construct five residential units on the second floor of the building and to put a brew pub into one of the commercial retail spaces on the first floor (see the elevation below). The Brew Pub would be owned and managed by Alex Drayer and his wife, Brittany.

In addition to a zoning change, the proposal also requires the City Council to lift the moratorium on the issuance of new liquor licenses that currently exists on Devon Avenue from Broadway to Ravenswood. The moratorium area falls into three wards–the 49th Ward, the 48th Ward and the 40th Ward, represented by Alderman Patrick O’Connor.

We three aldermen held a community meeting last week to consider the proposal to lift the moratorium. We also received community input from emails to our offices and comments on various social media.

After careful consideration of the opinions of the community residents who attended the meeting and corresponded with our offices, we decided to SUPPORT the proposal to lift the moratorium. It is my understanding that Alderman Osterman will also support the zoning change to enable a brew pub to operate at that location.” – Alderman Joe Moore

You can view the full statement on why he supports the proposal here.

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