What Was Going on in Edgewater Glen 41 Years Ago?

We dug up one of the neighborhood’s old newsletters from 41 years ago (this month) if you are curious what was going on around here in August 1974.


What was going on in the neighborhood 41 years ago?

In a nutshell…

  • It was Neighborhood Promenade Weekend
  • We had a booming 2nd Annual Edgewater Glen Garden Walk (complete with pony cart rides for 25 cents)
  • We got brand new “Welcome to Edgewater Glen” signs
  • Everyone’s favorite Winsberg’s Department Store at 6201 N Clark (currently the Auto Zone) celebrated its 50th year in business and had its “Great Rummage Sale”
  • The Plowshare Natural Food Store at 6155 N Broadway (currently Holzkopf’s Meat Market) turned 1 year old
  • The neighbors were seriously over “Operation Identification”
  • Block parties were in full swing …but nobody got married at them like we all do now
  • Neighbors helped each other buy and sell their houses through word of mouth

74-aug_Page_1 74-aug_Page_2 74-aug

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