Around the Hood: Chicago VeganMania Comes to the Neighborhood

OK so who knew there was even such a thing but it looks like Chicago VeganMania is coming to the neighborhood this weekend. If you are interested in checking it out they will be featuring a Vegan Food Court (with more than a dozen restaurant vendors), a large dining area, and space for at least 100 exhibiting vendors at the Broadway Armory.

They will also have a Chef Demo Stage in the new state-of-the-art teaching kitchen on the second floor. In addition to the demo stage they will have an “activity-packed Kids’ Zone” and a bookstore.

“You certainly don’t have to be vegan to attend or enjoy Chicago VeganMania. You don’t even have to understand or care why people would adopt a vegan lifestyle. We just want you to have fun. Chicago VeganMania is basically a big friendly party, a festival where you can eat wonderful food, enjoy great music and lively entertainment, and have an opportunity to discover unique vegan products and learn the secrets of vegan chefs. There are even places where you can learn about the whys and hows of veganism is you’re so inclined.” – Chicago VeganMania