Extra Extra: “Official” Edgewater Glen Trick-or-Treater Counters Needed

Edgewater Glen Halloween

We thought it would be fun to get “official” trick-or-treater counts for each block in the neighborhood this year. With your help you can make it happen.

The steps are easy:

(1) Get a tally counter from Amazon ASAP (or use paper, pen & math if you are a professional)
(2) Designate someone (or rotate people) on your front porch to count each kid while the others deal with the candy frenzy swarming your front steps
(3) *Email your totals to us at edgeglendaily@gmail.com

*If possible, let us know which street & block the count is from and the approximate time span

Multiple counts from different houses on the same block are great (we will average it out for your block).

Please feel free to let your neighbors know we’re looking for volunteers to help count kids on Saturday. We will post the results for anyone who is interested in seeing how many we got on each block. If we get enough data from all the blocks in Edgewater Glen we will publish a little infographic of the trick-or-treater candy migration patterns throughout the whole neighborhood.

Happy Halloween!

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