Edgewater Glen Halloween House Contest: Scroll Down to Vote

Wow we had some great entries this year! Check out all the houses below and scroll down to the end of the page to vote. It is a little hard to compete with a ghost hologram & singing pumpkins!

The winner will receive that nifty Edgewater Glen Map mug with our neighbor Dick Merrill’s wonderful artwork on it.

Remember… if you are keeping a tally of how many kids you get today send them in and we’ll post the results for the neighbors: edgeglendaily@gmail.com

Happy Halloween!

House #1 – “The Oz House”



…and the Oz House transformed after dark 🙂


House #2 – “Freaky Rubber Dude in Electrical Chair House”


Rubber Dude

House #3 – “Explosive Graveyard House”


House #4 – “Freaky Porch Ghouls House”



House #5 – “Severed Limbs Skeleton Lighthouse”

Haloween 20151

House #6 – “Sunflower Dude vs. Corn Man House”

Sunflower Man

Corn Man

House #7 – “The Singing Pumpkins House”

Edgewater Glen Pumpkins






House #8 – “Frida Kahlo’s Freaky Front Porch House”

The Vote

Note: After you submit your vote you can select the link to “see previous responses” to see what the vote totals are.

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