The “Official” 2015 Edgewater Glen Trick-or-Treater Count


…and that is a wrap folks. If you are curious what the official number of trick-or-treaters was, we received 4 counts from different neighbors across the ‘hood.

1520 Kids
1398 Kids
1300 Kids
1007 Kids
Average: 1306 Kids 

“Our last treater was at 9:50 PM.  Our final count was 1520.  Our method of counting was  empty bags of Hershey’s fun bars.  We gave only one piece per person.  We used 13 big bags (45 bars  each) and 40 small bags (24 bars each) and about 25 loose bars left over” Patricia (Edgewater Glen Neighbor)

“Our total was 1007. We are still tabulating our notes on costumes.”Greg (Edgewater Glen Neighbor)

Here is the breakdown of our most popular 11 costumes for 2015 from Greg.

Ninja: 32
Cat: 31
Witch: 31
Skeleton: 27
Vampire: 26
Princess: 25
Iron Man/ Captain America: 25
Zombie: 22
Minion: 17
Soccer player: 12
Scream: 11

4:00 pm


8:00 pm


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