Edgewater Glen playwright’s play “The Prodigal Dude” will be performed this weekend

The Prodigal Dude Poster G

We heard from our neighbor Cindy that “Prodigal Dude” written by Edgewater Glen Playwright Rich Goode will be performed this Saturday. The cast of the play also includes many Edgewater Glen residents. If you are interested in checking out your neighbors in action we included the information below.

Fun Fact:

The flyer above was designed by our neighbor Dick Merrill who also designed our original Edgewater Glen Map in 1973

Thanks for sending this in Cindy!

“The Prodigal Dude – a play to benefit St. Gertrude’s Heart To Heart ministry for seniors! We are delighted to announced that the Zuranti Foundation has agreed to match all of the funds raised at the event, up to $2,500! This makes attendance at the event all the more important.

Our play will be held in the Social Hall, 1401 W. Granville. The production is a modern, rock n’ roll retelling of the familiar tale of the Prodigal Son, written by parishioner Rich Goode. The stage will be filled with familiar faces—school parents, parishioners, from toddlers to seniors, and the best band in Chicago. Tickets will be available at the door for $10.

Doors open at 7:30pm and the play will begin at 8:00pm. Concessions, including beer and wine, will be available at the event.”

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