Around the Hood: Gramps The Vamp Play at Good Evening with Pat Whalen


Looking to get out of the house but too lazy to walk the six blocks down to Andersonville?

Well… there is plenty going on north of A-ville these days!

Good Evening With Pat Whalen is Chicago’s only late-night talk-show news-alternative; featuring live music, interviews and performances right here in the ‘hood. On the 1st Friday of every month,  they open their doors to a live audience, who get the privilege of seeing how the whole thing comes together, while enjoying the sense of community in the neighborhood. We included a little clip from a recent show below.

See you at The Frontier in two weeks!

“Gramps The Vamp tells a surreal story using sinister afrobeat-influenced funk grooves, strongman horn lines, and apocalyptic utterances from the dark corners of classic sci-fi and horror cinema. The result is DOOM FUNK: a cinematic stew that both makes you want to dance and raise an eyebrow.

Assembled by Keyboardist Maxx McGathey in the fall of 2011, Gramps The Vamp arose from its sweaty house party roots to become a staple in the Chicago music scene, regularly playing prominent venues such as the Double Door, Schubas, and Metro. The band has received several media distinctions including Best New Band 2013 in the Chicago Reader’s Best Of Chicago, Deli Chicago’s band of the month in September 2014, and Deli’s Editor Choice for Best Emerging Chicago Artist 2014. In 2015 Gramps The Vamp began bringing the doom funk out of Chicago and onto the national scene with two tours across the US.

After several lineup changes over the years, Gramps The Vamp settled into an 8 piece for their 2014 self-titled release. Recorded at Killion Sound, in North Hollywood, CA with producer Sergio Rios (Orgone), the album features McGathey on keys, Stevenson Valentor on drums, Kevin Holt on bass, Mike Novak on guitar, Peter Gillette on trumpet, Nick Bush on alto sax, Justin Howe on tenor sax, and Eli Wilson on bari sax. The dark, funky and sample laden album continues to find ears a year later, with several songs appearing in a retro Mexican horror film (Demonoid 1971) that will hit the film festival scene in the fall of 2015. Gramps The Vamp plans to have an epic full length out in the first half of 2016 which takes the “cinematic” concept to an elevated level.” – Gramps The Vamp

Photo courtesy of Gramps The Vamp

1106 W Thorndale Ave.
Chicago IL, 60660


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