Neighborhood Stats: How Many Cars Pass Through Ridge, Clark or Broadway Every Day?

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 8.32.59 PM

Curious how many cars pass through your part of the neighborhood every day? You can select each car icon on the map below to see how many cars pass by that point each day. We included a few traffic stats below that are in or near Edgewater Glen.

Granville (& Wayne): 6,400 cars per day
Clark (& Hood): 32,100 cars per day
Ridge (& Ardmore): 43,100 cars per day
Broadway (& Hollywood): 25,900 cars per day
Hollywood (& Winthrop): 35,200 cars per day

If you know how to find more recent data on the city’s open data portal or anywhere else let us know. It would be cool to see how it has changed since 2006-2007.

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Direct Link: Edgewater Traffic Volume Map

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